Photos Skagen 365-exhibition

Most people know of Skagen at the top of Denmark and that is it a very special place with a very special light – and that it has a magical appeal for artistic souls. Often Skagen is associated with sun, summer and a sensory infused holiday atmosphere.

Skagen also has a life ‘out of season’ and this is what the four associations Skagen Museum, Skagen Chamber of Commerce, Skagen Tourist Association and the Port of Skagen wanted to mark with the project Skagen 365, to emphasise the other seasons in an aesthetic cohesion.

Photographer Allan Toft had carte blanche to photograph life in Skagen year round. It resulted in not just a photo database with 4,500 photos, it also became a profile-raising photo book and a photo exhibition of the same name – and the website supports the multi-year project.

Skilte Centret had the pleasure of printing all the photos in a large format for the exhibition. The art was to combine the realistic photo style in the highest quality and still have the unique Skagen atmosphere appear in all the picture’s nuances – and we succeeded to the fullest.

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