U21 EM

In the summer of 2011, one of the biggest sporting events ever was played on Danish soil, namely the European Football Championships for U21 teams. The title was fought for in four stadiums in Aalborg, Viborg, Herning and Aarhus, and Spain was ultimately victorious.

Skilte Centret won another great victory. Namely, the joy of having completed a gigantic project to decorate several thousand square metres with signs, banners and advertisements at the four involved stadiums in the cities in Jutland.

The solution was a culmination of at least one year’s work to assess, document and prepare the thousands of items according to UEFA’s stringent requirements – and in the final round, Skilte Centret was transformed into an effective command centre from which trucks transported the many elements that were installed in record time.

U21 EM 2011 official signage video

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