Maserati reborn in white

The Italian luxury car brand Maserati is known for its fantastic sports cars used both on racetracks and public roads. Maserati is a classic brand with the characteristic trident on the bonnet and the name is synonymous with racing cars, which have been manufactured in the factory in Modena since 1914.

Gran Turismo is a particularly well known type; Maserati has been responsible for a large number of these types of cars through the ages. With this Maserati-type design, comfort and performance become a powerful whole, which creates a stir around it.

Skilte Centret has had the pleasure of turning a black Maserati into a white Maserati. In fact, white is an icon colour for Maserati’s own track racers, so the colour was far from randomly chosen when the Maserati held a pit stop at Skilte Centret.

The beast was carefully covered with a matt white 3M film in long lengths – and the result was an absolutely flawless wrapping without any visible seams. The owner is a proud man who has received great recognition from other Maserati fans who were unaware that is was actually a foil wrap.