We are at UEFA EURO 2012 …

On 8 June 2012, the European Football Championship, which takes place in Poland and Ukraine, will be launched and for the rest of June 2012 the pre-qualified national teams will fight for their honour, glory and fame on the pitch. The Danish boys too.

Skilte Centret is also involved in the final rounds. We have contributed to the official signage at the various stadiums and created a complete series of 80 pictograms that UEFA will use to show the way, inform and guide the many thousands of visitors around.

The individual pictograms lead people on the trail to an array of different places such as the media tribunes for the press, interview areas with the players, fan zones, eating areas and much, much more – all in a unique visual language that can be understood by all.

In extension to our U21 solution in Denmark, we were invited by UEFA to bid for the job and as a result of our graphic presentations we actually won the job.

We have therefore designed a coherent series of pictograms that will be used by UEFA, even after Euro 2012.